Team Profile

Alistair Chiu

Project Consultant; Pastor; IMT Fellows

Alistair grew up in Sydney, Australia, where he studied economics and worked as an economist in the NSW Treasury. He later entered church ministry and became an ordained minister in the Anglican Church, gaining experience in church planting, international student ministry, and teaching in a multicultural environment.

After 11 years in church ministry, Alistair relocated to Hong Kong, working in church, education and non-profit sectors. As a pastor, he primarily looked after students and young adults in international churches. He later helped develop holistic student development programs at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. He also serves as the chairman of Empower Asia, a non-profit that focuses on coaching, training and mentoring young adults for career and personal development.

Alistair is currently a doctoral candidate at Fuller Theological Seminary, as part of a cohort reflecting theologically on faith, work, economics and vocation. He enjoys creating resources to help Christians connect their faith with their work, and seeks to explore the intersection between economics and theology. Alistair connected with Paul Stevens and the IMT ministry while serving as a pastor in Hong Kong, and has always admired their dedication and expertise in helping Christians live a life of integration when it comes to faith, work and all of life.

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