Helping individuals, churches, businesses, and theological colleges integrate faith and work

To all the friends of IMT we wish a blessed Christmas.

IMT exists to help individuals, churches, businesses, and theological colleges integrate faith and work. So many people leave business, profession, or a trade to go “full-time for the Lord,” but there is no part-time option for followers of Jesus.

To that end we teach courses, seminars, publish books and articles, produce videos in several languages, and especially concentrate on a few people in a year long holistic discipleship program called The Fellows. 

This year has been a terrific one for us. This year we had four Fellows groups globally; next year there will be six, as well as hundreds of people seeing the multi-language film, “Doing God’s Business” and discussing in small groups. Some of these groups are in Africa and Latin America.

This year we invested in three Senior Fellows who will teach, write and consult with us, Dr. Steve Garber (USA), Dr. Jean Lee (Hong Kong), and Dr. Wilson Chan (Vancouver). We are teaching courses on marketplace theology and ministry in various seminaries and theological schools, including Regent College, Logos, and ACTS.

Our newly decentralized mission has a small headquarters in Vancouver and regions in Hong Kong, South-East Asia, China and Taiwan, South Korea and North America. We are a lean and mean organization with four partially supported staff and a large group of volunteers. Please pray for us as we are part of a great global movement, contributing to the Faith and Work movement with deep integration. And if you would like to contribute please push the donate button below. We will give you a Canadian income tax receipt for gifts of 40 dollars or more. 

Personally, at 85 I wish to affirm that this is probably the most vital community I have been engaged in during my life-long passion for the integration of faith and life, especially the other five (or six) days in the workplace. 

R. Paul Stevens
Chairman, Institute for Marketplace Transformation