There is a growing hunger among Christians to connect what they do on Sunday with what they do on Monday. The Christian life of faith and worship has everything to do with everyday living and working in the world.

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Church Leaders’ Marketplace Pastoring Tool Kit

A tool to be used in corporate worship (Sunday or Saturday): Interviewing every week or each month a person...
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The Abolition of the Laity, Vol. 1: Toward a Theology of the Laity

I, too, am technically a layperson “as people call it”—meaning unordained. Admittedly, this is a controversial title. Here is why...
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Indomitable Hope: A Single-Eyed Approach to Life, Work and Calling After the Grave

Clutching this manuscript, I turned up at the church in a taxi just minutes before the service was to begin...
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HK-IMT (Hong Kong Institute for Marketplace Transformation) helps people integrate their faith and work, and aims to transform Workers, Work and the Workplaces.


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