MM-4 Taking Your Soul to Work (Marketplace Spiritual Formation) (module)

Note 1. This module and MM-1 are required for the Certificate programme.


MM-4 is designed for those who seek to take their souls to work. Work occupies a big chunk of life. Amid traffic jams, meetings and house chores, it’s easy to become disconnected from God. We will develop a theology and spirituality of work by studying the biblical narrative, reading the ancient classics of Christian spirituality, and reading through Taking Your Soul to Work, to reflect on the deadly sins in the marketplace and the fruit of the Holy Spirit. You will gain a rhythm of action and reflection that will transform your workplace and society.

Time Investment:

  • Cohort sharing and learning (20 hours)
  • Readings (10 hours)
  • Videos Learning and Spiritual Practices (5-10 hours)
  • Competency exercise (10 hours)

Total 45 hours*

*Times are approximate. If spread over 12 weeks, it would involve about three or four hours per week.

Completion Schedule:

Participants should complete a module within 6 months from the day of registration. Upon satisfactory completion, the participant will receive a diploma/badge of completion for that module.

Requirements for MM-4:

  1. Cohort sharing and learning based on the topics on Taking Your Soul to Work (approx. 10×2 hours sessions)
    1. Pride, Joy and Continuous Prayer (Ch. 1, 10, 19)
    2. Greed, Goodness, Gratitude. (Ch. 2, 11, 20)
    3. Lust, Love, Purity. (Ch. 3, 12, 21)
    4. Gluttony, Self-Control, Relinquishment (Ch. 4, 13, 22)
    5. Anger, Gentleness, Satisfaction. (Ch. 5, 14, 23)
    6. Sloth, Faithfulness, Rhythm. (Ch. 6, 15, 24)
    7. Envy, Kindness, Neighbor-Love. (Ch. 7, 16, 25)
    8. Restlessness, Patience, Calling. (Ch. 8, 17, 26)
    9. Boredom, Peace, Heaven-mindedness. (Ch. 9,18,27)
    10. Sharing on learning and practices developed by cohort members.
  2. Readings (approx. 15 hours)
    1. R. Paul Stevens, Alvin Ung Taking Your Soul To Work- Overcoming the Nine Deadly Sins of the Workplace. (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2010). 200 pages (10 hours)
    2. Various texts supplied by the facilitator on spiritual practices and readings.
  3. Videos Learning and Spiritual Practices (5-10 hours)
    1. Four approximately half hour teaching videos by Dr. Paul Stevens on the subject.
      1.1. Prayer and Work: Can they marry?
      1.2. How Work itself is an arena for spiritual growth.
      1.3. The Seven Deadly Sins and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit.
      1.4. Whose work matters to God?
    2. Spiritual Practices and Exercises.
  4. Competency exercise (approx. 10 hours)
    The purpose of this assignment is to make sure you have found some way to apply what you have learned.
    1. Your Own Case Study: Explore the issue you are facing and write a case, then reflect on the case.
    2. Design a practical rhythm and ritual to develop your spirituality according to your challenges and work schedules.
Basis of Grading Weight
Research Evidence that there has been serious study of the issue with appropriate use of footnotes or end notes 25%
Integration Indication that the participant has attempted to understand the subject or issue from the perspective of God’s purpose as revealed in Scripture 25%
Application Evidence that the truth[s] has not simply stayed as a mental exercise but there is genuine application and additional learning through the practical exercise 25%
Style The competency exercise is well written with appropriate reference to sources 25%


Each module costs HK$1500, which includes teaching materials, videos and case studies. Participants who are committed to complete all 5 modules as required by the Certificate of Marketplace Transformation Program may apply to “The Gail and Paul Stevens IMT Scholarship” for half or full sponsorship subject to the conditions specified.


MM-4 Taking Your Soul to Work (Marketplace Spiritual Formation)

List of Available Modules for IMT-HK Certificate Course (English and Chinese titles)

MM-1 Marketplace Theology and Ministry 職場神學與服事
MM-4 Taking Your Soul to Work (Marketplace Spiritual Formation) 帶著靈魂上班(職場靈性操練)
MM-6 Marketplace Mentoring 職場友師
MM-8 The Soul of Leadership* 領導的靈魂*
MM-9 Business Ethics* 商業道德*
MM-10 Marketplace Pastoring 職場牧養
MM-11 Vocational Discernment 召命與工作
MM-12 Theology of Work 工作神學
MM-14 Entrepreneurship and Innovation*創業與創新*
MM-15 Money Matters*金錢真重要
MM-17 Stewardship and Management 管家與管理

*Chinese Materials and Instruction is to be prepared and ready in 2021

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