2024 Putting Faith To Work Seminar

Topic: How our daily work serves God’s present and future purposes

This begins with a summary of the various kinds of human work highlighted in the Bible, and the work God is engaged in every day in our world. It then explores the connection between these in our life now and life to come. We will consider work as a means of spiritual and character development, of focussing our calling or vocation, of contributing to the improvement and welfare of society, of supporting evangelistic and missional activity, and of foreshadowing the new heaven and earth He is fashioning. As these demonstrate, what we regard as our ordinary work is in fact rather extraordinary.

This session will contain a message from the keynote speaker, Dr. Robert Banks, followed by a panel discussion and a Q&A session.

Dr. Robert Banks is an Australian Christian thinker, writer and practitioner. He is a biblical scholar, practical theologian and cultural critic, as well as an educator and church planter.

In addition to our keynote speaker Dr. Robert Banks, We are honored and excited to introduce Alistair Chiu, Vivien Teu and Clara Mak as our discussion panelists for that day. 

Alistair grew up in Sydney, Australia, where he studied and worked in the field of economics, later studying theology and becoming an ordained Anglican minister. Alistair currently serves as one of the pastors of New City Church in Shatin. He also serves with Empower Asia, a non-profit that focuses on coaching, training and mentoring young adults for career and personal development. Since 2023 Alistair has taken on a role of Faith & Work Catalyst with City to City Asia Pacific, a church planting organisation. In this role he trains and creates resources for pastors, churches, marketplace leaders and groups, with the aim of helping Christian workers connect the gospel to their daily working lives.

Vivien is an investment funds and financial services lawyer with a strong belief in responsible capitalism and investment, stewardship and impact.  She launched an ESG and impact law practice in 2018 and has been active in impact ecosystem building, contributing to standard setting and industry engagements on sustainability and impact issues in sustainable finance, investments and capital markets and from regulatory, legal and policy perspectives.  

Vivien advises across the spectrum of capital, ESG issues and asset classes, in public and private markets, for profit and non-profit organisations and on hybrid structures and range of investment structures and financing instruments.  She sits on the board of a number of charitable entities, foundations and impact ecosystem builders. 

Vivien is now a partner and head of Asset Management & ESG in Hong Kong of a global law firm.  In her firm, Vivien has been active in raising awareness and capacity building, and is global lead for ESG sustainable finance.

Clara currently serves as Hong Kong City Director for Resource Global, a global work and faith ministry with a mission to teach, mentor and connect young marketplace leaders in Hong Kong and globally. Clara is actively involved in outreach and equipping ministries at her local church, facilitating courses like Alpha, Kairos, 2:7 Series and others. She has grown a heart for discipleship and missions and is passionate about seeing Christians realize their God-given calling to be a blessing to all nations. Prior to ministry, she worked at various global banks and consulting firms in client-facing, strategic planning, and project management roles.

If you are interested, please sign up through this link or scan the QR code on the e-flyer above.

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