IMT Fellows

Fellows 2A/B

David Chou

2022-2023 Fellows Program Graduate

David Chou is Project Consultant in Tiger Family, he oversees the Family business’ digital transformation efforts. He is also a financial consultant with Prudential. He is HK-IMT fellow. Prior to being in the marketplace, David was called into pioneering a Christian community in a village in Hong Kong, establishing several Christian families in the same building living out the love of Jesus to the neighbourhood. David was born in Korea to a family of pastors and missionaries.


I was hungry to learn about how God saw work and how I could live life to the fullness as God intended as a workplace missionary. This was a topic seldom talked about in Church but through joining HK IMT Fellows Program, I gained a much broader, deeper and wholistic understanding of the Biblical view on this topic. This is one of the best programs I’ve joined which helped me integrate faith into all aspect of my life.

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