IMT Fellows

Fellows 2A/B

Fong Wai Hung

2022-2023 Fellows Program Graduate

Pastor Fong Wai Hung is the senior pastor of Cherith Baptist Church. He graduated from the Master of Divinity program of Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary in 2008. After graduation, Pastor Fang ministered at Cherith Baptist Church. He was ordained as a pastor in 2014 and has been pastoring the church for fifteen years. Before he was called to receive theological training, Pastor Fong worked in a social welfare organization that provided residential services. From a frontline employee to on-the-job training, he became a professional registered social worker and served in the same organization for 21 years. Because of his many years of experience working in residential homes, Pastor Fong emphasizes the importance of pastoral relationship. He understands the pastor’s fatherly heart and values the need to establish a long-term, stable and committed body relationship in Christ with his brothers and sisters.


As early as fifteen years ago, I read the works of Paul Stevens on the topic of marketplace pastoral care in seminary. I never expected that during the study of 2022/23 HK IMT Fellows, I would have the opportunity to communicate with this master of theology in person. I was repeatedly impressed by his wisdom and zeal for the Kingdom, and I was inspired to think deeply about workplace theology and reflect on my past pastoral practice in the church. I would also like to thank Jimmy and my team members for walking with me and bringing their thoughts on the “Kingdom of God” to guide our understanding of the church concept, so that we can expand and break through the traditional church model in terms of pastoral concepts and strategies. And it helped me to put effort in integration, so that I can continue to grow in ministry and respond to God’s call.

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