IMT Fellows

Fellows 2A/B

Horace King

2022-2023 Fellows Program Graduate

Horace has almost thirty years of experience in psychiatric nursing and working in hospital setting. In 2013, he responded to the calling and worked in a Seminary as the Director of Operation. Shortly afterward, he accepted the call to work as a pastor in local church.


I joined the HK IMT Fellows Program which refreshed my calling through understanding in Marketplace Theology. Every believer needs to know that they are called by God, and their callings aren’t too different from the callings of the Saint’s they learnt in the Bible. Believers can have a way to have good work in faith and letting them experience the real transformation in the Lord. They can be a 24/7 faithful follower of Jesus. Each of them is capable under God’s help as the one is being chosen. The Fellows Program is a gift from God to me.

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