IMT Fellows

Fellows 2A/B

Mandy Chiang

2022-2023 Fellows Program Graduate

Mandy Chiang is Associate at Sustainable Finance initiative (SFi, a community of Asian impact investors). She’s also a Hong Kong certified Public Accountant. Mandy is passionate about Impact Measurement and Management (IMM), faith-based investing, and ecology & religion. She currently serves on the board of Little Life (a religious NGO helping women in crisis pregnancy), and manages a martial arts school with a specialty on Ving Tsun Kung Fu coaching.


I enjoyed very much the authentic sharing within the fellowship. Prior to joining the fellowship, sometimes I just felt lonely and tired not being able to have deeper conversation with peers on integrating work/money with faith. So thankful being invited to the group, having a safe space to share our vulnerability and dreams, and most importantly, able to witness a community of humble servants walking the talks to glorify God. Through structured learning and mindful listening, it gives me a clearer direction of which area to focus on in my future theological research.

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