IMT Fellows

Fellows 2A/B

Winnie Li

2022-2023 Fellows Program Graduate

Winnie has worked in a bank for many years. She has had the opportunity to interact with people from different walks of life, and has experienced the needs of sensitive people. After that, she responded to God’s call and went to South Korea to serve Chinese workers and learn about cross-cultural ministry. After returning to Hong Kong, she has been serving as a minister in her home church, Hong Kong Baptist Church. During the 15 years of pastoral service, she focused on pastoring adult groups, evangelism and coordinating workplace pastoral care. In response to the needs of the pastoral community, Winnie studied for a Doctor of ministry degree in “Urban Transformation” at Bethel Bible Seminary and graduated in 2021. Her thesis was on faith integration.


In the classes of IMT Fellows, I got to know different pastors and had the opportunity to hear about their experiences in workplace pastoral care. Their enthusiasm became an inspiration to me. Dr. Stevens’ teachings, his unique insights into workplace theology, and his organization of theology from below as well as from above, have expanded my understanding of the theology of work. I particularly enjoyed the group sharing fellowship, which allowed me to hear many flesh-and-blood life experiences. Finally, I am very grateful to Jimmy Pak for his leadership in designing a down-to-earth course.

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