IMT Fellows

Alex Guo

2021-2022 Fellows Program Graduate

Alex Guo is a faith driven entrepreneur and a capacity builder.  His professional background and experience are in management consulting and finance.  Prior to co-founding a management & technology consulting firm, he has held senior positions in Fortune 100 Companies, and was a practicing certified public accountant.  His heart and vision are to develop and unleash the next generation’s faith driven entrepreneurs.  Presently, he is doing the due diligence in building a faith driven venture studio with his partners to realize this vision.


I joined the HK IMT Fellows Program to deepen my understanding in Marketplace Theology.  The cohort-based community included entrepreneurs, professionals, and pastors.  We not only looked at Marketplace Theology from above, but from below as well in recognition of human needs and expounded the Scriptures to meet those needs.  The Fellows Program is more than just a learning community, it is a place where iron sharpens iron.

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