IMT Fellows

Trevor Lui

2021-2022 Fellows Program Graduate

Trevor is a strategy and knowledge management (KM) consultant based in Hong Kong. He specializes in project and change management, process innovation and electronic document management in different sectors, including healthcare and education. Trevor is also teaching at the HKU Business School as an Adjunct Assistant Professor. Since 2018, he has been serving as a regional facilitator for Global Trust Partners, the International Entity formed by Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) in USA to build trust and grow local giving to God’s work.


Doing “God’s or our work” together with God is the most striking learning for me.  I can’t imagine that if God is with me, how perfect of my deliverables will be.  In the past, I was always thinking that I need to have a perfect result to glorify God.  But now, after being through the IMT Fellows program, I only need to focus that God is with me in those tasks, not meaning I give up my diligent work, but rather to allow God to participate and work with me.  It is beautiful.

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