Money Matters Webinar will be held in September

《金錢真重要》the Chinese version of Money Matters will be published soon. We will be hosting a Money Matters Webinar in September.

It is an honor to invite Dr. Paul Stevens and Dr. Clive Lim to share with us the topic of “Investing in Heaven” and “Holy Money”. 

1. Investing in Heaven
Speakers: Dr. Paul Stevens
English Session: 17/09/2022 (Sat)(9:30am-11am)
Cantonese Session: 24/09/2022 (Sat)( 8pm-9:30pm)

2. Holy Money
Speakers: Dr. Clive Lim
English Session: 21/09/2022 (Wed)( 8pm-9:30pm)
Cantonese Session: 28/09/2022 (Wed)( 8pm-9:30pm)

  • Panel Discussion
  • Zoom (Max 300 each session)
  • Free Donation

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on 39763012 or via email at

Money Matters Webinar
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