‘Putting Faith to Work’ Online Consultation

To Pastors and Church Leaders,

Today I talked with a pastor who is actively involved in his church’s marketplace pastoring and ministry. Their ministry is not hindered by the restrictions of the epidemic. Instead, they establish an online prayer group of 50 members to pray before work every morning. They assign 5 members who take turns to lead prayer for each other and their work every day and everyone responds with an amen. This is a church of about 300 people, and one in six believers pray for this scattered church every morning. I am grateful to have met this pastor, and I also praise our Heavenly Father. WOW!

Last week, I translated a conversation between a pastor in the United States and Professor Paul Stevens. Pastor George shared an important observation of his pastorship, that the pastor is a servant of God’s servants. He wants to serve everyone in his church so that they serve people around them in various capacities from Monday to Saturday. The scattered church is composed of the Gospel finders and Grace finders. WOW!

We would like to invite you to join the ‘Putting Faith to Work’ Online Consultation.

In this Consultation we hope to discern together with you ways to minister to, equip, and empower the church to integrate faith and work. We seek your partnership to develop appropriate tools and programs which can be easily implemented into church ministry.

We have invited Professor Paul Stevens from IMT Global, Senior Pastor Alex Mak from Wanchai Church of Christ, and Professor Benedict HB Kwok from the Alliance Bible Seminary to speak and dialogue with us. Please join us on the following dates:

1. June 24th, WOW:
-Professor Stevens and Pastor Alex Mak will share the importance and necessity of Marketplace Pastoring and Ministry in the churches.

2. August 5th, HOW:
-Professor Stevens and Professor Benedict Kwok will talk further about how Marketplace Theology can transform lives and our church ministry. (OR lives in and out of the church).

3. September 9th NOW:
– Professor Stevens will discuss with us what we can do for the churches and marketplace Christians in Hong Kong now.

As there is a limit of a maximum of 60 participants for each session, please register. 

We have designed a survey to better understand the needs of Hong Kong churches and how they are currently positioned to equip their congregations to integrate faith and work. This survey should take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Each church congregation should only fill in this survey once.

All individual data collected in this survey will be kept confidential and remain anonymous. An aggregate report will be published after the Consultation.

HK-IMT Hong Kong Institute For Marketplace Transformation
Jimmy Pak (Coordinator)
Alistair Chiu (Project Consultant)

"Putting Faith to Work" Consultation Poster
"Putting Faith to Work" Consultation co-organizers
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