The Abolition of the Laity, Vol. 1: Toward a Theology of the Laity

I, too, am technically a layperson “as people call it”—meaning unordained. Admittedly, this is a controversial title. Here is why: frankly, the church today, by and large, doesn’t get the fact that the laity has been abolished! It does not get what it means to say “we are his people,” his one people, and “the sheep of his pasture,” the world (Psa 100:3). The New Testament teaches the revolutionary truth that the people of God are living and working under the New Covenant rather than the more dualistic older covenant. Further In Acts chapter two there is the exquisite outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the first believers in Jesus making all, not just a select few, priests, prophets and princes, as was the case under the older covenant. This Spirit-filled people is a priesthood of all believers, a prophethood of all believers and a princely rule of all believers in the Kingdom of God. In spite of this we are still living, working and ministering as though Christ and the Spirit had not universally come. Still living and working under the Old Covenant.

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